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Single Property Features*

Send property to a friend

Send the property you like to a friend to get his opinion.

Report a problem

Report irregularities in the listed properties.


Add notice to a chosen property.

Price change alert

Receive instant email notification when property price is changed.

Custom Location Search

Draw Your Own Search Area directly on the map.

Map Location Search

Search and find listing directly on the map.

Property Alert

Save your searches and get instant alerts for new matching listings.

Overseas Property Search

Search for overseas properties in your own language!

Current Location Search

Search for properties near your current location on the move.

Multi Price Search

Set the best property price filter for your needs.

Metro Station Search

Search listings by proximity to near single/multiple stations or radius.

Simultaneous multi-location search

Search listings by entering multiple regions, cities, districts or locations.

Radius Location Search

Set your own current location radius search.

Upload Date Search

Find listings by publishing date.

Private Listings search

Find homes offered directly from the owner.

Builder/Developer Listings Search

Find new developments directly from builder/developer.

New Construction Search

Find all available new homes and developments.

Price Per Square Meter Search

Sort listings by price per Square meter.

Detailed Search

Customize your search results using detailed filters.

New Private Listings Search

Find all new private listings per klick. Find the latest private listings per klick.

Save & Share Your Search

Save all your favourite listings ready to be shared.

Goedgekeurde vastgoed

Share Your Favorites

Share instantly your favourite listings with friends.

Save Your Favourites

Save & Share your favorite listings.

Compare Properties

Compare Homes At a Glance.


Developer Search

Find a Developer according his rating, location or directly on the map.

Investor Search

Find an Investor according his rating, location or directly on the map.

Company Search

Find a Company according to its rating, location or directly on the map.

Text Location Search

Enter search location and find your property! Search listings by region, city, district or station.

ZIP Code Text Search

Find listings by simply entering a ZIP Code.

Text Title Search

Find properties by entering project or housung complex name.

Text ID Search

Save time and search by property ID.

Text Company Name

Search listings by company name. Find listings by entering a company name.


Advanced Filters

Narrow your search results by using advanced filters.


YouTube Video

Take a virtual tour of the property.

Full Screen Picture View

Enjoy the full width images in Gallery View.

Indienen / uploaden / publiceren

Advanced Listing

Full and detailed description of each property.

Mobile Upload

Instantly upload and publish photos and property description anywhere you are from your mobile.

API Data Transfer - XML feed

Automatically import listings from your website or software to DOMAZA and save time

Biggest listings database

Search properties from the biggest international listings database.

Valid Listings

Find always only valid listings.

Buildings Module

If you sell more than one flat in a building, offer all listings at once for maximum visibility! The buildings module allows individual properties and listings to be grouped in a single building record.

Multiple Language Tool

Professional translation of your ad features in 20 languages.

Instant International Publishing

Publish your property listings in over 70 countries.

File&Media Management

Information, photos & media management with unlimited storage.

Express Listing

Submit your property in less than a minute with the Express Listing form.

Neem contact op met Agent / eigenaar

Quick Request

Contact instantly the listing's agent for more information.

Client Alerts & Notifications

Immediate Email notification when you receive new client requests.


Featured Listings

First positions of your property listings on the Homepage and in the search results.

Mijn site

Domaza Website Generator

Personal site such as:

Personal Website Generator

Get your fully hosted website with Domaza domain for free.

Domaza Database Share

Search the Domaza database and find the best properties for your clients.

CMS Content Management

Customize your own homepage.

Company Emails

Professional client communication through branded emails.

Website Configuration

Customized web configuration according to your personal needs.

Website designs

Choose the design of your personal website or connect the one you already have to Domaza.

SEO Tools

Take advantage of the SEO Tools and optimize your website for maximum search results.

Mijn Domaza

Offer generator

Automatically generated comprehensive and professional property PDF info sheets.

Client Management System

Have all your clients conveniently stored in one place, while accessing all information at a glace.

Advanced Visitors Statistics

Receive advanced visitors and clicks statistics, target exactly who is interested and optimize your market strategy.

Company Offices

Detailed information about all your offices with address and location on map, contact information and Logo.

Profiles of Brokers (Agents)

Include all your brokers with photos and contact information. While viewing the listings clients see contacts of the appropriate agent.

Partnership Management

With Domaza cooperation feature you will find the right partner to close successfully deals.


Map View

See the property location on the map.

Street View

Get a street view of the property you like.

Earth view

Explore the property you like with earth view.

Crime Rate View

Check out the crime rate near the property.

Noise level overview

View the noise level near the property.

School Distance View

Find out the nearest schools and kindergardens to the property.

Restaurants View

Check out all the restaurants near the property.

Things to View

Find out the most interesting sightseeings near the property.


Filter Categories

Get an overview of all filters for detailed search by categories.


Latest News

Stay on track and be always informed with the latest local and international news feed.

Publish News & Analysis on Domaza

Receive the exclusive rights to write and publish news and analysis.


Market Value

Find out the current market value of any property.

Property Valuation

Find out the value of your home in few simple steps.

Investment Property Valuation

Find the best investment properties, based on their credible current valuation.


Find out the current rentability of any property.

Average Property Price

Find out the average property price in any district or region.


Holiday Rentals

Find the best holiday rentals offers in different countries around the world.